In some cases we can offer a guaranteed rent option for zero hassle, voids and no fees.

Typically a company or housing association will lease the property for up to 5 years and sometimes they would also take on all repair and maintenance requirements. A useful option for overseas Landlords or anyone who doesn't want hassle of being a regular Landlord.

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Like the guaranteed rent option, the leasee will often take on the property for their business for a longer period (2 to 5 years) with all maintenance obligations and returning the property in similar (or better) condition at the end of term. No voids, No hassle and No need to keep finding new tenants every year. In some cases this may also assist in countering some of the section 24 Landlord tax burden.

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Lease options are when a tenant (who wants to own the property) rents the property long-term (usually with all repair/maintenance obligations) with an legal option to purchase within that lease term.

Please also see Rent-2-Own section.

As this is a bespoke option, please get in touch for a chat.

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